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Sydney Quantum Academy

We want to help build the future quantum economy.

The Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) aims to catalyse and support the development of a quantum economy. An innovative, collaborative model that draws on the combined expertise of four universities, it will play a central role in education, industry development, talent, investment attraction and promote an understanding of the implications of quantum technology.

The SQA is an unincorporated joint venture of The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University – generously supported by the New South Wales Government through its Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer.

The SQA will further grow the vibrant ecosystem and provide first mover advantages across a spectrum of industries, with our programs launching in 2020.

Professor Duncan Ivison

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) The University of Sydney

Professor Glenn Wightwick

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Innovation and Enterprise) UTS

Professor Sakkie Pretorius

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Macquarie University

Professor Nicholas Fisk

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) UNSW Sydney

Sydney is a hub for quantum innovation with decades of research and investment underpinning diverse research and training strengths. This has resulted in a significant depth across a broad range of end-to-end capabilities. By harnessing the strengths of our partners, SQA encompass world leading capabilities in each of the areas required to progress quantum technologies, especially quantum computing.

Across the range of disciplines, our educational and entrepreneurial capability will catalyse research strengths to rapidly scale industry to deliver quantum solutions and develop a quantum economy.

As an internationally recognised destination for education and international students, Sydney universities have impressive and influential research training programs preparing industry ready researchers. In the quantum space, the number of research publications by our universities between 2013-2018 is only exceeded by four other universities in the world. Sydney has one of the largest cohorts of quantum research students in the world.

SQA is a catalyst. An ambitious and powerful collaboration between The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University, we will provide the coordination and drive that will be critical to developing a quantum talent pipeline and enabling quantum industry.

It is important to note that SQA will not own or lead development of IP and does not have any role in setting research direction. It also specifically will not gain any income or equity stake in start-ups, nor provide incubation services for start-ups.

Developments in quantum computing are closely related to a range of other quantum technologies, each of which has the potential for transforming existing industry and creating entirely new industries. Early practical applications are expected to emerge from quantum computing and these related fields, potentially within the next five years. As a result, many industries stand to benefit from quantum solutions to complex problems.