About the program

Do you want to make an impact on the future of quantum in Australia? From emerging to distinguished talent, the SQA Visitor Program supports individuals who can contribute to our objectives to build Australia’s quantum ecosystem.

We’re after passionate individuals who will visit the SQA to work with us and our community. You’ll get support and funding to work on a project of your own design.

We welcome a range of applicants at any level, across a variety of sectors.

Sydney Harbour bridge at night

Application details

We welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, education, industry, or government to work on a project.

For example, you may have an interest in:

  • education, with a passion for bringing quantum to the classroom, and making new resources to share across the SQA network
  • developing policy and standards for quantum technology
  • the responsible development and ethical use of quantum technology
  • entrepreneurship and mentoring quantum start-ups
  • a particular quantum discipline or field and want to upskill industry stakeholders
  • creative arts, and want to develop accessible material on quantum for the public
  • research, and want to develop a collaborative quantum project involving all our partner universities
  • science communication, and want to communicate quantum to a diverse range of people
  • building relationships between academia and industry to facilitate the use of quantum technology.

These are some of our ideas - the program is meant to be as flexible as possible. We encourage your creativity and passion. We welcome all ideas on how you can contribute to our objectives.

You can be a resident of Sydney or travel to Sydney to undertake your project.

We encourage individuals based overseas to apply. If you are based overseas, and not currently an Australian resident or holder of a permanent resident visa, your application will be considered. However, any offer will be dependent on the border restrictions in place by the Australian Government in response to COVID-19.

We encourage applications from individuals who identify as female and/or LGBTIQ, Indigenous Australians, applicants with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and people with disability. If you identify with one or more of these groups, we welcome you to include this information as part of your application.

The award period may be of any duration between 1 month to 1 year.

Awards will be individually tailored and can include:

  • travel
  • accommodation and living costs
  • equipment or materials costs.

Consideration will be given for additional expenses for spouses, children and carer responsibilities. The award will not cover salary or research expenses.

You may contribute to the SQA directly or benefit the SQA by contributing to one or more of our four partner universities.

We invite you to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to info.sqa@sydney.edu.au with a brief description of your background and the purpose of your visit.

We’ll assess your EOI and may invite you to provide more details on the proposal.

Applications will be judged by a selection committee of SQA members, and will be assessed on criteria including:

  • alignment of the proposal to one or more of SQA's objectives
  • the value of the proposal to SQA, specifically the contribution it will make towards building a quantum ecosystem in Sydney
  • whether the applicant has the skills and experience to fulfil their vision.

Images courtesy of the Australian National Fabrication Facility at UNSW, Macquarie University, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney.