Quantum computing has the potential to change the world with applications in nearly every industry, including healthcare, cyber security, and climate change. In this one-week online summer camp in January 2022, you'll learn about this fascinating emerging technology at the intersection of physics, computer science, and engineering. Learn about quantum mechanics, quantum coding, quantum algorithms, quantum hardware, applications of quantum computing, and more!

This program is a collaboration between Qubit x Qubit and the Sydney Quantum Academy. 

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Scholarships are proudly funded by IBM Quantum.

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“Quantum computing poses endless new applications to the world, with unprecedented computing power, seen through applications such as finance, big data, and medical advancements… This is for anybody who is a learning enthusiast or interested in STEM, and that means you!

- Freesia, 16, Pambula Beach, current QubitxQubit student (2021-22 Introduction to Quantum Computing)


  • Australian high school students (years 9-12) and recent high school graduates
  • No prior knowledge of quantum is expected
  • $835 AUD
  • Many full scholarships are available! Scholarships are prioritised for students underrepresented in STEM. We strongly encourage students from a diverse range of backgrounds to apply.

Applications now open - apply here.

For any questions, contact quantum@the-cs.org.