Postdoctoral Fellowships – Conditions of Award

  1. Applicants must have a PhD;

  2. Applicants currently employed at one of the partner universities (The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University) are eligible to apply;

  3. Fellows must not hold a concurrent paid appointment;

  4. The duration of the Fellowship shall be for a maximum period of three years;

  5. Fellowship must commence within six months of the award date, unless the SQA Fellowship Committee approves otherwise;

  6. If Fellows leave the host University, they must relinquish their Fellowship as of the date of the termination of their host university appointment;

  7. Generous research support and career development funding will be provided upon commencement of appointment to assist Fellows establish their research, and participate in national and international conferences (including travel);

  8. Fellows are expected to focus on research for the duration of the Fellowship. Fellows may be required to undertake other duties for up to 6 hours per week (e.g. HDR supervision, committee representation), including giving a seminar towards the end of their Fellowship;

  9. Fellows must not spend more than one third of the Fellowship period outside Australia or engaged in international travel, except where approval by the SQA Fellowship Committee has been granted;

  10. Progress reports on Fellows’ performance are required by SQA. This will include grants awarded, grants applied for and their status; details of student supervision or co-supervision; conference presentations and publications; details of any new knowledge gained; as well as confirmation that performance goals have been set and are being met by Fellows as per the host university’s Performance Management and Development Program (PM & D). A template for reporting on this information will be provided. Reports must be forwarded to in Q4 of 2021, 2022 and 2023, and a final report at the completion of the Fellowship;

  11. Any Fellow considered not to be making satisfactory progress will have the Fellowship reviewed by the SQA Fellowship Committee which, at its absolute discretion, may terminate the Fellowship;

  12. Fellows shall be entitled to recreational, sickness and parental leave in accordance with the host University’s general policy for all staff. All recreational leave must be taken within the period of the appointment;

  13. Requests to suspend or vary the hours of an award must be submitted to the SQA at and approved by the SQA Fellowship Committee;

  14. The host University asserts certain ownership rights of intellectual property created during the fellowship under their Intellectual Property Policy;

  15. SQA Postdoctoral Fellows will be encouraged to engage with traditional and social media and with the community at large. They might also be called to participate in public events highlighting the research excellence and innovation of the SQA and/or their host university. Personal data will be collected in a lawful and fair way and might be used for newsletter content, social media and marketing purpose.

For further information please email