Postdoctoral Fellowships – Application Guidelines

Preparing your application

You will need to provide a curriculum vitae (CV), research project proposal, letter of endorsement and letters of reference.

1. Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should include:

Employment history


Awards and prizes

Research outputs

Provide a list of your academic research outputs including publications and conference presentations.

Google Scholar Account or ORCID ID

Please include the link to your account, if applicable.

Other information

You may provide other information in your CV that may be relevant to your application e.g. research experience, citations or other discipline-relevant metrics.

2. Research project proposal

  • You must provide a research project proposal that is a maximum of two pages (excluding bibliography).
  • Your research project proposal should include:
    • Project title
    • Aim
    • Background and significance
    • Methods and techniques
    • Alignment with SQA objectives

  • Formatting requirements:
    • Black type, or occasional coloured type for highlighting purposes
    • Single column
    • White A4 size paper with at least 0.5 cm margin on each side on top and bottom
    • A highly legible font type must be used before converting to PDF such as: Arial, Helvetica, Palatino and Times New Roman to them being equivalent sized font to 12-point Times New Roman.

3. Letter of endorsement

Your nominated supervisor must hold an academic appointment at one of the SQA partner universities. They must agree to endorse your application and act as your academic supervisor for the duration of your Fellowship.

Please contact them directly for written endorsement of your research proposal and application. The letter must be emailed directly to SQA at by your nominated supervisor. Applications without a supporting letter of endorsement will not be considered.

4. Letters of reference

Please provide two letters of reference. A referee should be selected based on their capacity to comment on:

  • your suitability for the fellowship
  • quality of your work
  • track record relative to opportunity

The referee report must be emailed directly to SQA at by your referees.

Please note that a nominated supervisor cannot be your referee.

5. Other required information

Industry Engagement

Describe how your research project proposal and/or your experience demonstrates meaningful engagement, collaboration and participation with industry. Please include the name of any industry partners involved. (maximum 150 words)

Referee details

Provide the contact details of your two referees.

Career interruptions

If applicable, please provide details of any career interruptions and the effect this has had on your research achievements and contributions. This will ensure that your track record, and the scientific quality are assessed objectively, taking all relevant factors into account.

For international applicants

If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you will be asked to indicate if you hold a valid passport (not expiring for at least six months).

If successful, you are expected to commence your Fellowship in the first half of 2021. You must be available to accept the offer within one week, due to strict Australian Government Visa regulations.

Application Checklist

  • Completed application form. Incomplete forms will not be assessed.
  • CV.
  • A research project proposal.
  • A letter of endorsement to be sent from your nominated supervisor to by Tuesday 29 September 2020.
  • Two letters of reference to be sent from your referees to by Tuesday 29 September 2020.