SQA PhD Scholarship – Application Guidelines

Documents Required

You will need to provide a project proposal, CV, academic transcripts, and any other additional information when you apply.

This supporting documentation must be contained in a single pdf (not a portfolio) ordered as below.

  1. Project Proposal
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Academic Transcripts
  4. Any other relevant documentation

It is also helpful if you bookmark each section.

Project Proposal

You must provide a project proposal that is a maximum of 2 pages (excluding bibliography). Applications with project proposals longer than 2 pages will not be considered.

Your research proposal should include:

  • a specific research question that your project is looking to answer
  • a clear research plan showing your approach to solve the problem and the methodology you intend to use
  • clear outcomes you are aiming for in the PhD and why these are important to the quantum ecosystem
  • a bibliography.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV provides an overview of your educational and employment history and your skills.

You should include:

  • Educational history

List all degrees studied in your educational history, indicating the name of the degree, university, years studied and GPA (if known). If you completed a thesis as part of your degree, provide its title, the mark and list your supervisor(s).

  • Employment history

List your employer, your role, duration of employment, duties and achievements.

  • Awards

List any awards received throughout your tertiary study or employment.

  • Publications/Papers

Provide a list of publications that have been accepted or published. Do not list publications that are submitted. Do not attach publications/papers to your application.

  • Two referees

You must provide two referees. Select referees who are familiar with you and who have closely supervised your research or studies.

  • Other information

You may provide other information in the CV that you think is relevant to your application, for example, information about research interests, research experience, contribution to community or other key skills.

Academic Transcripts

Provide official transcripts for all university studies, including degrees not completed or abandoned. Ensure scans are legible.

Please provide:

  • a translation of the transcript’s grading system if using a non-Australian system
  • a translation of any documentation not in English.

Please do not provide:

  • transcripts from high school
  • testamurs/degree certificates
  • award certificates.

Endorsement from supervisor

Upon submission of your application, an email will be sent to your nominated supervisor. This email will ask them to formally endorse you and confirm that the following conditions have been met.

  • You have contacted your nominated supervisor to discuss your application and project proposal.
  • Your nominated supervisor has contacted your referees.
  • Your nominated supervisor has read your project proposal.
  • Your nominated supervisor has commented on your academic merit and research potential.
  • Your nominated supervisor endorses your application and project proposal.

Additional Documents

All awards and publications should be listed in your CV. Do not attach publications/papers.

SQA PhD Scholarship Application Guidelines v1.1 updated 26.08.2020