Potential Supervisors

This list is to help applicants find potential supervisors from SQA’s partner universities. Those listed below have advised SQA that they have projects on offer starting 2021.

Applicants are not limited to the list of supervisors below. However, their nominated supervisor must be:

  • an academic employed by an SQA partner university, and
  • work in the field of quantum technology.

Applicants must get the endorsement of their potential supervisor for their application.

Supervisors are in alphabetical order, by University.

The University of Sydney

Dr John Bartholomew (john.bartholomew@sydney.edu.au)

Professor Stephen Bartlett (stephen.bartlett@sydney.edu.au)

Professor Michael Biercuk (michael.biercuk@sydney.edu.au)

Dr Maja Cassidy (maja.cassidy@microsoft.com)

Dr Arne Grimsmo (arne.grimsmo@sydney.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Ivan Kassal (ivan.kassal@sydney.edu.au)

Dr Isaac Kim (isaac.kim@sydney.edu.au)

Professor David Reilly (david.reilly@sydney.edu.au)

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Assoc. Professor Julian Berengut (julian.berengut@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Sue Coppersmith (s.coppersmith@unsw.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Dimi Culcer (d.culcer@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Timothy Duty (t.duty@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Andrew Dzurak (a.dzurak@unsw.edu.au)

Dr Fay Hudson (f.hudson@unsw.edu.au)

Dr Arne Laucht (a.laucht@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Rob Malaney (r.malaney@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Dane McCamey (dane.mccamey@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Adam Micolich (adam.micolich@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Andrea Morello (a.morello@unsw.edu.au)

Dr Hendra Nurdin (h.nurdin@unsw.edu.au)

Dr Jarryd Pla (jarryd@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Rajib Rahman (rajib.rahman@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Sven Rogge (s.rogge@unsw.edu.au)

Dr Andre Saraiva (a.saraiva@unsw.edu.au)

Professor Michelle Simmons (michelle.simmons@unsw.edu.au)

Dr Henry Yang (henry.yang@unsw.edu.au)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Professor Michael Bremner (michael.bremner@uts.edu.au)

Dr Juan Pablo Dehollain (juanpablo.dehollain@uts.edu.au)

Dr Simon Devitt (simon.devitt@uts.edu.au)

Professor Yuan Feng (yuan.feng@uts.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Christopher Ferrie (christopher.ferrie@uts.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Min-Hsiu Hsieh (min-hsiu.hsieh@uts.edu.au)

Dr Clara Javaherian (clara.javaherian@uts.edu.au)

Professor Zhengfeng Ji (zhengfeng.ji@uts.edu.au)

Dr Marika Kieferova (maria.kieferova@uts.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Nathan Langford (nathan.langford@uts.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Troy Lee (troy.lee@uts.edu.au)

Professor Sanjiang Li (sanjiang.li@uts.edu.au)

Dr Youming Qiao (youming.qiao@uts.edu.au)

Dr Peter Rohde (peter.rohde@uts.edu.au)

Dist. Professor Mingsheng Ying (mingsheng.ying@uts.edu.au)

Dr Nengkun Yu (nengkun.yu@uts.edu.au)

UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information (QSI) - Read more

Macquarie University (MQ)

Assoc. Professor Dominic Berry (dominic.berry@mq.edu.au)

Professor Gavin Brennen (gavin.brennen@mq.edu.au)

Dr Daniel Burgarth (daniel.burgarth@mq.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Alexei Gilchrist (alexei.gilchrist@mq.edu.au)

Dr Cyril Laplane (cyril.laplane@mq.edu.au)

Professor Jason Twamley (jason.twamley@mq.edu.au)

Assoc. Professor Thomas Volz (thomas.volz@mq.edu.au)

Macquarie Centre for Quantum Engineering (MQCQE) - Read more