Education is a crucial element for the building of a quantum economy in New South Wales. The Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) endeavors to foster educational programs from undergraduate and postgraduate course work to vocational education and training (VET) and professional development opportunities.

All programs are supported by the Sydney Quantum Academy, an unincorporated joint venture funded and managed in partnership between the New South Wales Government and The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, and Macquarie University.


An integral part of the SQA Scholarships

The SQA PhD Experience Program is an integral part of SQA education and training and designed to provide a coursework stream for PhD students in the fields related to quantum technology.

The curriculum will include a broad range of courses, both theoretical and experimental, including quantum algorithms, quantum architectures, quantum software and programming, quantum control, engineering quantum matter, advanced quantum electronics, and quantum error correction, among many others. Students will see the essentials of quantum information science in the core unit, and they can select three electives to tailor their coursework to their own interests and to the requirements of their research projects.

Orientation activities begin on Tuesday 21 July 2020. Our new CEO and representatives from our four partner universities will welcome students. The program commences Monday 27 July. UTS and Macquarie University will provide quantum coursework units. Guest speakers from our partner universities will present seminars. Seminar topics include quantum research, career development and industry engagement.

As COVID-19 restrictions are still in place and some students are overseas, course content and seminars will initially be delivered online. We are looking forward to meeting our inaugural cohort of SQA PhD students!

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about SQAs education programs.