Industry opportunities

We engage with corporate Australia to assist leaders in understanding the implications of quantum technologies for their industry and organisation. We can work with you to identify ways to prepare your business, develop quantum talent, or invest in emerging research and technology.

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Start-up support

Sydney is already home to some of Australia’s most successful quantum technology start-ups with the number of companies growing each year. 

SQA will be hosting a series of events in 2021 to bring together people who are interested in emerging quantum technologies. Whether you are a student, academic, entrepreneur, start-up, collaborator, or investor, SQA will be a central hub to connect and share insights.

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Community outreach

Quantum technology is set to have a major impact across industry sectors and spur new career and economic opportunities.  SQA will provide information and resources on the implications and benefits quantum technology will provide the broader community.

Our activities include events, learning resources and much more for school students, teachers and the wider community to learn more about the fascinating world of quantum science and technology.

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students_studying_at laptops

Images courtesy of the University of Sydney.